The general quota of personal capital of German middle classes is very low actually and according to experts it might continue decreasing if business trends do not become inverted during the next few years. At the moment there are no signs. Companies that do not comply with the criteria of credit-worthiness in accordance with Basel II, and about one quarter of all companies are concerned, also in the health care services, will not receive any bank loans whatsoever in the future.

They will be threatened by closure and this again will have catastrophic repercussions on the investment climate in Germany as well as on the (general) situation of investment markets. Furthermore we are confronted with a continually growing demand for risk capital both for trendsetting health care and for service projects which cannot be financed by institutional investors.

We support appropriate projects in refinancing, in classical new financing as well as in the acquisition of venture capital and personal capital by means of the various instruments of private placement.

In this regard we are working on the solution of any problem and we are not limited to the classical financial instruments for companies' financing. One of our basic instruments in this area consists in an expert rating system, that means first we compile and assess the fundamental data of a project.

We hereby are concentrated on our core business area of innovative health care and service projects and we can fall back upon an international network of contacts and investors.