Experts agree that medicine is confronted with the beginning of a completely new age and that the health care sector will become the new and decisive impetus for growth and impulses in the industrial countries during the next decades.
The reasons are obvious:

The population is getting older and older. Health and quality of life have become the most important consumer goods. Never before human beings have spent more money for their health and they do it more and more. Especially in the sector of medicine, Germany disposes of extraordinary experts and innovative technologies as e.g. in holistic medicine, in preventive treatment and in nature pharmacology up to borderline scientific methods. Medicine technology "made in Germany" is still enjoying a high reputation in the world.

However, for smaller companies or new innovative projects risk capital and know-how are missing in the project management as well as in the marketing sector. This is our field of activity: we are your competent partner in realizing your project from the first preparatory arrangements up to the procuring of capital respectively to our own direct participation.

Due to restrictive regulations the German market for holistic and borderline scientific methods with a promising future will only be conquered gradually. Due to their tradition, Arab countries are very open-minded regarding the gentle medicine. In addition they dispose of an excellent financial power. Thus enabling them to achieve a favourite economical position in the East-Western relationship. According to the principle "Knowledge for capital investments" we are intensifying strategical cooperations with partners from this region.